Agile and SCRUM

We will teach you to survive and succeed in a world full of change! This lego4scrum training will introduce you to agile
and SCRUM in a purely practical form that can be used anywhere, regardless of the size of the company or its field.

Comprehensive overview, step by step from the vision, through customer-oriented design to the implementation of sprints.

We will show you how agility can help you solve your problems in your environment.

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What the course will bring you

The purpose of this agile course is to enable participants to understand the agile approach, scrum and start implementing agile elements in their environment.

And so that it is correct, adapted to your environment, and you avoid the trap called Dark SCRUM – Dark SCRUM.

We will imagine not only specific procedures and tools, but also the key principles and philosophy of agile management, without which it simply does not work.

After this agile course you will:

  • understand the principles of agility,
  • know the context in which agile makes sense and how it can be scaled,
  • control the SCRUM process framework,
  • have an orientation in the life cycle of the agile “process”,
  • know the main tools such as Product backlog,
  • be able to start your own agile journey.

agile kurz

Course content

We will get acquainted with the concepts, principles and philosophy of agile approaches. We will explain where and to what extent the application of agile elements makes sense. You will try out procedures and tools that you will be able to apply in your practice. We will show everything live in the game lego4scrum (the author of the game is Alexey Krivitsky and it is distributed under the CC BY 3.0 license).

In the role of Product Owner, the lecturer will outline the vision of the product and you will have to further develop it into a product backlog and then implement up to three sprints! The first day of training will be devoted to a general overview and gaining experience with agility in the form of a game.

The next day we will go deeper. We will introduce the individual tools in more detail, we will apply them to different contexts. We will also address the issue of agile transformation or large-scale projects.



Specifically, within the game lego4scrum you will try:

  • the definition of “personas” and their expectations,
  • creation of a “journey“,
  • the wording “user stories“,
  • agile estimation (incl. “SCRUM Poker“),
  • compilation and prioritization of the “Product backlog“,
  • sprint planning and “sprint backlog“,
  • implementation of the sprint, including “review” and “retrospective“.




Agile and SCRUM training structure:

  • Introduction – concepts, principles, basic agile philosophy
    • CYNEFIN framework – in what context does agile make sense?
    • Principles of agility
  • SCRUM – basics
    • Process framework
    • Roles, their meaning and basic responsibilities
    • Events, tools
  • Lego4scrum game – simulation of agile development
  • Vision definition tools
  • Customer-oriented design
    • Personas
    • User stories
    • Design thinking and other techniques
  • Product backlog for agile practice
    • Structure
    • Prioritization
    • Working with requirements
  • Planning in an agile world
    • Release charter
    • Product (project) roadmap
    • Sprint backlog
    • Kanban
  • Tools and tips for SCRUM Mastery
    • Dynamics of team development
    • Facilitation tools
    • Retrospective
  • LeSS – Large Scale Scrum, basic principles of the framework for the implementation of large projects
  • Agile transformation – a comprehensive approach to the gradual introduction of agility into your practice


Jan Dolezal

Jan Dolezal

He currently deals primarily with agility in organizations, Management 3.0 and the development of simulation games serving as project management training, including Agile.

He previously held the position of project office manager and managed large international projects (Europe, South America).

He has experience mainly with projects from IT, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. He has been actively involved in project management since 2001. He is certified by PMI PMP, DASSM, IPMA B, SAFe Program Consultant (SPC), Certified SCRUM Product Owner and Certified SCRUM Professional - ScrumMaster. Read more details here .

Jiri Kratky

Jiri Kratky

He deals with consulting in the development of project management in organizations, the creation and implementation of practical project management training, simulation games and preparation for international certifications.

He has been involved in project management since 2000. For a total of 6 years he worked in the management of the national association of project managers. He is the co-author of 2 books on project management.

It has PMI PMP, IPMA C certification, is a certified PRINCE2® Practitioner and an accredited PRINCE2® trainer and Certified SCRUM Master (CSM). Read more details here .

Course price: 530 €

The price is without VAT and for one participant.

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You can take the online version of the course from anywhere with a standard Internet connection.

We use the Microsoft Teams or Zoom environment, to which we invite you.

All other tools used, such as MURAL, do not need any installation on your device and everything takes place only in the browser.

For compatibility and performance reasons, you need to use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You will receive a workbook and any other materials suitable for printing in advance.

At the same time, you will receive an invitation to test the connection and the necessary online tools, as well as a contact to solve any problems.

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