Project management system



An appropriately set environment – a project management system – can be a very effective means of implementing the strategy and growth of the organization.

Many organizations have to adapt flexibly to changes in the market, and many are implementing more projects than usual. This entails the need to manage them uniformly and to bring order to this area.

A well-designed project management system can be an effective means of implementing an organization’s strategy and growth, while inappropriate settings cause a number of problems.


What signals suggest that you should approach project management systematically?

  • We are implementing more projects or are about to launch a larger number of projects
  • Projects are managed inhomogeneously
  • Projects are not very successful, often meeting deadlines and exceeding budgets
  • There are significant conflicts in the requirements for human resources, which should work in projects
  • Projects intersect with activities within a common line organizational structure
  • It is difficult for us to assess the success of projects
  • Priorities between projects are set only vaguely or not at all

Our team is at your disposal to optimize already functioning systems and processes, or to implement the system where it is still missing.



Why use our services when setting up or optimizing a project management system?

  • We know that the issue is complex and its solution is a challenging activity and often beyond the current capabilities of the organization.
  • As part of our many years of experience, we have already encountered many problems and “dead ends” in setting up project management systems and we know how to avoid them.
  • Implementing our assisted system reduces the cost of the entire process while increasing the likelihood of success.

Together we will manage it and move your system to a whole new level!

What is the service about?

  • Analysis of the current state of project management in the organization,
  • Design / modification of project management rules,
  • Functional definition and division of responsibilities and powers,
  • Training of key employees – project managers, team members, organization management
  • Linking projects with the strategic goals of the organization,
  • Supervision of selected projects (pilot project) and possibly direct support of one or more of your PMs.

Close cooperation of a competent person of the client is necessary for success. We do not try to set up one and the same system in different environments. On the contrary, we create and deploy an optimal system for each organization, which can be completely different from the others – although it is still in accordance with the rules of good project management practice and global standards such as IPMA or PMI.