Practical trainings

Purely practical trainings, which are based on our experience with the application of project management and agile development in domestic practice. If you do not want to deal with "theory", but get quick, practical and effective recommendations and tools, this category of training is for you! Most of the time is focused on solving case studies and practical issues of applying tools and procedures. Or it is directly a simulation of real situations in the form of a managerial game.

Team leadership

In this team leadership training, we will teach you how to lead teams so that they are confident, dedicated, motivated and with a high degree of self-organization.

530 €

Agile and SCRUM

We will teach you to survive and succeed in a world full of change!
You play lego4scrum and understand agile.

530 €

Simulations and games

The most effective way of development and education is in the form of simulation or game. That's why we offer managerial simulations and "serious games" in which you learn with your experience and feedback.

Portfolio of Charles IV

You will try and learn how to organize teams and the entire organization for success in today's time of dynamic change.

290 €

Pacific Railroad simulation

Pacific Railroad is not regular training, but a real project! You will gain a non-transferable personal experience of working in a team.

290 €

PMI-PMP® Exam Prep Courses

PMI-PMP® Exam Prep Course (on-line)

We will prepare you for the PMI-PMP® exam.

1 500 €

SAFe® courses and trainings

Scaled Agile Framework - SAFe is a comprehensive agility solution. From small and medium-sized companies to multinational corporations. Our courses and trainings will not only provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills, but will also prepare you for the relevant certification exam, which you will be able to take after the course. Exams are part of the course prices.

Leading SAFe ® course with SAFe Agilist certification (SA)

This course with SAFe Agilist certification (SA) offers you an introduction to SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework. You will learn the principles and procedures for functional Lean-Agile transformation and find out how SAFe can work in your organization.

960 €

Preparation for IPMA certification

As one of the few, we have IPMA Czech Republic accreditation for preparation for IPMA certification at the Excellent level. This level can only be achieved with a very high success rate of graduates in the exam. Our training will prepare you to pass the IPMA certification exam. Case studies teach you how to use the tools and techniques that are tested on the certification exam.

IPMA certification preparation

We will prepare you in English for the successful completion of the new IPMA version 4.1 certification for grades A, B, C or D.

1 500 €