Simulation games within our courses

What are simulation games or managerial simulation games in our courses? In essence, these are extensive exercises in which real situations from the work environment are simulated in certain sets (story, period, context, role). Always in a small group, and therefore with teamwork training.

We use simulation games de facto in all our courses and trainings, because they are the most effective way to develop competencies and acquire knowledge, which is agreed upon by various researches and authors, such as J. Withmore in the book on coaching or the team of authors in the book “Learn it!”. The former specifically refers to the difference between recalling information acquired in the “tell”, “tell and show” and “tell, show and excercise” styles as follows:

tell tell and show tell, show and excercise
after 3 weeks one remembers 70 % 72 % 85 %
after 3 months one remembers 10 % 32 % 65%

pacific railroad simulation game

pacific railroad

How do we use Simulation Games?

The second mentioned book, among other things, tells about the most effective ways to learn something. According to the authors, it is best to try something real on your own after receiving the basic information. This is followed by a trial and error phase and then a subsequent analysis, in which more detailed information is added and the correct procedures are anchored.

These procedures correspond exactly to the way we develop and use various simulation games in our courses. Participants always receive basic information for solving a given issue and then it is up to them how to deal with the situation. In the vast majority of cases, they will subsequently come up with the most effective solution for how to proceed in a given situation. Which is exactly what we want. The experience gained in this way will last in mind and is highly likely to lead to changes in the real environment.

What exactly can you look forward to at our courses? In addition to a large number of smaller exercises and pranks, we currently use the following extensive all-day simulation games:

Pacific railroad simulation game

During the simulation of the Pacific Railroad project, you will experience in one day various situations in the preparation and implementation of the project, which are very close to real experience.

  • You will find out which procedures in the preparation and implementation of the project are effective and which, on the contrary, are counterproductive.
  • You will know first-hand the dynamics of the development of the project team.
  • You will learn the key principles and tools of project preparation and implementation.
  • You will get a unique intensive experience that will guarantee the effective transfer of acquired knowledge into practice.
  • You will realize that you always need to think not only about WHAT is being done, but also HOW it is being done, what is effective and what is not.

The current form was created with the help of gamification experts of the Court of Moravia.

simulační manažerská hra pacifická dráha

simulation game lego4scrum

Lego4scrum game

You will experience this game on the Agile and SCRUM course. It’s one of the few games we didn’t develop, but took over. In the role of Product Owner, the lecturer will outline the vision of the product and you will have to further develop it into a product backlog and then implement up to three sprints! One day of training is dedicated to a general overview and gaining experience with agility in the form of a game. Specifically, within the game lego4scrum you will try:

  • the definition of “person” and their expectations,
  • creation of a “journey”,
  • the wording “user stories”,
  • agile estimation (incl. “SCRUM Poker”),
  • compilation and prioritization of the “Product backlog”,
  • sprint planning and “sprint backlog”,
  • implementation of the sprint, including “review” and “retrospective”.

Charles IV. Portfolio Simulation

In the all-day game Portfolio of Charles IV. developed by us, you will find out how to organize teams and the entire organization for success in today’s time of dynamic change. You will experience how much of a difference in efficiency, performance and also the atmosphere an organizational arrangement can mean and you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

The aim of the training is to experience different situations in which different professions participate within one organization and gradually work out with their own experience and invention to effectively set up cooperation.

The setting corresponds to a regular medium-sized company or part of a large corporation in which there are professional departments, whose members are variously involved in projects, development and other activities.

  • You will know first-hand the dynamics of team development and cooperation between several teams.
  • You will understand how a self-organized and multidisciplinary (cross-functional) team works.
  • You will learn key principles and tools for business agility.

simulation game Charles IV. portfolio

simulation games

Other simulation games

In our other courses (Project Management step by step, Team Leadership, etc.) you have the opportunity to experience smaller simulations and games, our provenance from other sources, such as:

  • Negotiations with the client, in which you try to draw up a meaningful intention for the project;
  • Simulation of project implementation, in which you create an implementation plan according to the specified scope and then try to fulfill it;
  • Delegation poker, in which you learn how to increase the empowerment of your team;
  • Devils facilitation playground – a game about facilitation and more.

Passing experience and information through games is not only effective but also fun. In the common interest, we try to maximize the number of games and simulations on all our courses.

In addition, because we develop most games ourselves, we can customize them. If you want to play with us, contact us!