Agile transformation



Are you considering moving to agile approaches to change management, project management, development or the entire organization?

Agile transformation and approach is very much discussed and “modern” buzzword today – unfortunately, very often misunderstood and misapplied. Avoid the already known traps and discuss it with us!

Scrum Alliance certified Scrum Master and Product Owner consultants will discuss with you the possibilities, pitfalls and appropriate procedure for your specific context, help you choose suitable areas where it makes sense to increase agility and advise you on how to do it all.

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Why use our services for agile transformations?

  • We are unique in combining practical experience and theoretical knowledge from the environment of predictive style of project and change management, as well as from the agile world. We are not blinded evangelists of the only right approach, but we can perceive the context and meaningfulness of various solutions.
  • We know that agile transformation is complex and its solution is a demanding activity and often beyond the current capacities of the organization.
  • As part of our many years of experience, we have already encountered many problems and “dead ends” in changing to an agile way of working and we know how to avoid them.
  • Transformation with our assistance reduces the cost of the whole process and at the same time increases the probability of success.

What is the service about?

  • Analysis of the current state of project and other management in the organization,
  • Design of a suitable method of application of agile approaches,
  • Training of key people,
  • Supervision of pilot activities,
  • Further development.

Close cooperation of competent persons of the client is necessary for success. We do not try to set up one and the same system or model in different environments. On the contrary, in order for everything to have a chance of success, the organization must, with our help, create its own path, which may be completely different from the others – although it is still in accordance with the basic agile principles. We always work on a partner basis, to which we bring our knowledge and experience, and you bring detailed knowledge of your environment.

Together we will create value and you will manage change better!