We offer comprehensive consulting services in the areas of change management, project management, agile development and business agility. We always agree in advance on the scope of our consulting intervention for the near future.

It is possible to supply mainly:

  • Consulting support in solving the transformation of corporate culture and way of working, which includes:
    • facilitation of various workshops and events
    • methodological support in creating new procedures
    • additional courses and trainings
  • Direct support from one or more of your employees to manage roles such as Project Manager, Scrum Master or Product Owner
  • Supervision of your transformation
  • Additional support as needed and agreed

What is the service about?

  • Analysis of the current state of project management (and not only them) in the organization,
  • Design of a suitable method of application of agile or conventional approaches,
  • Training of key people,
  • Supervision of pilot activities,
  • Further development.

Close cooperation of competent persons of the client is necessary for success. We do not try to set up one and the same system or model in different environments. On the contrary, in order for everything to have a chance of success, the organization must, with our help, create its own path, which may be completely different from the others – although it is still in accordance with the basic principles and standards. We always work on a partner basis, to which we bring our knowledge and experience, and you bring detailed knowledge of your environment.




The main topics for us are:

  • Agile transformation and business agility
  • Change management
  • Increasing engagement, empowernment and corporate culture
  • Setting up and optimizing the project management system
  • Individual support for project managers, Scrum Masters or Product Owners