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Team development – from a group of individuals to team synergy

Vývoj týmu

We can best imagine what team development is based on our own experience. Whether we are working on a project or product development or a similar activity, we often work with other people. Usually, such a grouping is called a team. But there is no team as a team, and no team is formed by snapping a finger or writing people on a paper titled “Team X”.

Surely you have already experienced the situation when you find yourself in a new team. Even when you found yourself in the first grade of elementary school. Or the first year of high school or college, the first time at work, etc. Some people you may have known better from the past, some just from sight, others not at all. The environment was also new, as were the ways of working and the desired results. The first few hours, days, or weeks were probably quite demanding before everything “somehow sat down.” After a while, everything ran into a certain rhythm, new things became a habit and overall you just got used to it. But was it good or bad? How did you feel? How effective was it? Sometimes better, sometimes worse, right? What were the main differences? Probably in what stage of team development you have reached. Entire article >

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