Our values



We believe that corporate culture dramatically affects the quality of delivered products and services, the way they are implemented and the commitment of co-workers and their motivation.

We highly value and care for the culture at PM Consulting also because it is our own and we are satisfied with it.

Within our culture, we have the following key values:





We are looking for new ways of working in projects, changes, teams and organizations. We try new things and ways of implementation, we are not afraid to experiment and learn. All this in order to deliver current and future-oriented solutions.


We always act fairly and in the best interests of the customer. For example, if he requires training or a service that obviously does not help with the solution of the situation, we will point it out and promote a more effective solution.
Although this may reduce the current volume of cooperation. We prefer to target real value delivered rather than short-term profit.



Our word is valid and we trust each other not only within the team, but also with customer representatives with whom we deal on a partner basis. If we agree on something, it will happen. Even in the event of unfavorable circumstances, we do everything we can to ensure that the agreements are fulfilled. And if this is really not possible, we will immediately point it out and look for a solution.

Good feeling

From everything we do, we want to feel good. And with all involved, with us and our customers. The feeling that we have done well what is right and useful in the given context.


We are constantly looking for and gathering new knowledge and experience and know-how. We do not want to stand still or be captive to “the only right methodology”. The accumulation of information gives us the opportunity to look at things from different angles, to perceive parallels and new patterns.


Adding value to us means thinking and acting independently on any particular framework, procedure or methodology. For example, when a client has a methodology implemented and we see that it would be valuable to use some other procedures, we strongly recommend it.

We also strongly perceive independence on a personal level. We are happy to provide our services to the best of our knowledge and belief. In his own way. Our company is a network of independent professionals who are not bound by any corporate policy and can therefore devote themselves fully to their performance.

Work-life balance

If we want to deliver sustainable performance, we must be able to and regenerate. We divide our time for work, family and active
and passive rest. Only in this way will we maintain our strength and motivation to deliver the best of us in the long run.