Project team canvas

Project team canvas

The “Project Team Canvas” template is a tool for setting up and starting a project. It allows you to clarify in a short time what and when the project should deliver, what are the expected benefits, what is the goal of the project and the composition of the team and its basic settings. It was created based on inspiration from Business model canvas, Team canvas, our project intention and other impulses.

This tool should always be used by the team in charge of implementing the project (up to about ten people). Ideally in person, when the template is redrawn on a large white board and team members complete the information with sticky notes. It is therefore advisable to have a sufficient supply of adhesive sheets of various colors, markers, etc.

Alternatively, it is also possible online in a suitable collaborative environment (eg MURAL, MIRO,…).

Book approximately 90 to 120 minutes.

Using Project Team Canvas

In the beginning, a “warm-up” activity is very good, such as a “personal mindmap” or something similar (you can learn more such tools, for example, in the Team Leadership training online in one day).

It effectively helps efficiency when using this tool facilitator. He pays attention to the effectiveness of the discussion and adherence to time intervals (timeboxing). This can be both a team member and someone external.

The facilitator should introduce the Project Team Canvas and explain its meaning (clarify the assignment, set up the project team and start the project) and how it is used.

It is not even about finding ideal formulations or delivering all the information and data. The intention is to increase the alignment and understanding of the project team.

It also follows that when questions such as, “What is right in this field here?” It is better if the team thinks about the issue and finds its own way. Than to work in the style of “thoughtless scrolling through the form.”

The next procedure is described in the manual, which you can download together with the tool itself.

You will learn how to work with this template, for example, in the course Project Management step by step or Project Management in turbulent times online in one day.

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