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Management 3.0

Management 3.0 foundation workshop - official workshop under management 3.0 license

Co Vám kurz přinese

Although this text and all materials are written in English, the workshop will be facilitated in the Czech language.

Location: Prague, near to the underground station “Vysočanská”.

Management 3.0 is about personal motivation, growing self organized teams and managing an agile organization. So it is especially interesting for the: Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Line Managers, Project Managers, IT Leads, Delivery Managers, Cluster Managers, Domain Managers, in short everyone who wants to become better at maximizing employee talents and their potential.

We will discuss themes like:

  • How human brain works?
  • Some facts about commitment.
  • How can we use it for motivation?
  • How to establish an engaged, self organized and empowered team?
  • How to run an agile organization?

There are covered all M 3.0 themes: Leadership & Agile Management, Complexity Thinking, Energizing People, Empowering Teams, Aligning Constraints, Developing Competence, Growing Structure & Change Management.

The whole workshop is based on games and exercises considered as very useful and exciting.  And it is a fun too ;).

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